Up to Us!

Now that we are keeping this thing as fair and balanced as we can and discussed some of the downsides of using cedar as opposed to other more common building materials we can keep this theme going and talk a little bit more about it.

Needless to say, you have probably never seen a commercial or office building that was made out of cedar or some other type of natural biodegradable material. I think the reasons for this are fairly obvious but just to clarify a little bit, cedar doesn’t make the best building material for commercial buildings (click here to see what the best is!) because of how large they are. For something as big as an office building or skyscraper, cedar obviously won’t be the best choice to keep everyone inside safe against harsh weather conditions.

For Us Common Folk, It’s Great!

commercialSo again this should be fairly obvious, but you won’t find many commercial businesses or offices out there looking for a flat roof repair replacement from a company like this that is made of cedar. The majority of offices and buildings out there are already made of metal, steel, or other sort of material and it is simply impossible to replace this sort of thing with cedar for a building so large and with so many people’s safety on the line.

This is why it is even more important that people like you and me try and make an effort to use biodegradable and environmentally friendly options for our homes! Cedar and materials like this are more than fine to use on family homes and will give you all the protection you need. The size of a building is very important when choosing what to use and cedar simply won’t cut it for large commercial buildings so trying to make that sort of a change really is out of the question.

If enough people like us make the change, we really have a chance to make a difference on our planet and leave future generations with less of a mess to clean up!