Going Outside The Norm

How many people out there have decided to go with Cedar for the material they used for their siding or roofs?

I am assuming not many, but the trend seems to be picking up a little bit of steam throughout the country and I want to encourage everyone to consider using this alternative building material as opposed to the more traditional styles and I am going to use this page as an attempt to do so!


The Traditional Styles

As far as siding goes, I think it is pretty obvious that the most common material that is used would be either vinyl, metal, or aluminum. The reasons for this is because they have simply been around forever and not many supply groups or companies have really tried to venture out from this norm very much.

Having been with Cedar-Siding.com since 2002, I can tell you that not many people are even aware of the fact that cedar is an option for their homes! The reason I have been so supportive and passionate about using cedar as opposed to vinyl or aluminum is the amazing uniqueness and variety that you get from using alternative building materials.

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I have ever wanted for my house is to have it look like an exact replica of my neighbors and cedar has given me the exact look that I have been wanting for years! I knew right away after seeing some examples of cedar siding that this was the material for me and I have not looked back since.