So What About Traditional Roofing Styles?

I hope that most of you out there can agree with what I was talking about in regards to cedar helping out the environment. I hope even more that the majority of you agree with the fact that if we as a whole society don’t start doing our own little parts in helping out then we will be leaving quite a mess for future generations to clean up.

Where Does Asphalt or Vinyl Go?

shinglesUnlike cedar which is obviously derived from trees, asphalt and vinyl are man made products which are not biodegradable and will always pile up in landfills. In the past I have always used typical roofing companies, one of which I have used a few times being – Best Roofing Contractors (nothing against these guys, they always did a great job). The problem here is that if you noticed, they only offer asphalt or metal material to use for their services.

This is the standard practice all across the country so I don’t want to talk down about them or other roofing companies, but I think if more of the more popular companies started offering cedar as a product then more people would be on board with giving it a try and seeing how beneficial it can actually be.

I think this is a huge problem in regards to the low popularity of using cedar for a house. There aren’t many companies out there that even offer or carry it in their inventory so the majority of people probably don’t even realize how much of a viable option it can really be. Just like my examples from earlier, I think if everyone made small changes in their every day lives like giving this alternative material a try then the benefits will be huge for our future generations, instead of just leaving them with a huge mess and expect them to pick up all of the pieces.