On To Traditional Siding

Now that we have talked about and discussed in more detail what some of the more common roofing styles for homes these days are with our last discussion, we can change directions a little bit and talk a little bit about the siding of a home.

Similarly to Asphalt Roofs…

siding1So just like asphalt, metal, and other common roofing styles, the most traditional styles and materials that go into siding for homes include vinyl, aluminum, and even metal. Now just like I have mentioned previously, I don’t have the exact numbers or statistics on some of the things I talk about and most of this is based on my gut feeling and general experience in the industry so take my information with a grain of salt. I just want to get the discussion going!

Anyways, there again is nothing wrong if you are using one of these styles for your home and it is probable that the vast majority of home owners reading this do in fact use one of the materials I mentioned above.


Just like asphalt, these materials are not biodegradable in the least bit and whenever a home is renovated and the siding is torn off and replaced it will end up in the exact same place that a metal roof will go. Yup, right into a landfill where it will spend the rest of its existence (which will be for many more years than us!).

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