Now What Does Cedar Do?

So now that you know my main reason for converting to using cedar and other environmentally friendly life alterations, you might be wondering what exactly does cedar to contribute.

What Comes From The Earth Goes Back In

cedar1What separates Cedar from other roofing & siding materials is that it comes from wood, which is the only material out of the bunch that is 100% biodegradable & renewable. The wood used obviously comes right from the ground and once the material has done what it was made to do it will eventually go right back into the ground and giving nutrients back to the Earth.

When you think about more traditional roofing & siding materials like asphalt, vinyl, or aluminum it might make more sense about what I mean by biodegradable and renewable. When a roof is torn down or replaced, where do you think all of that asphalt and vinyl goes?

Yup, right into a junk yard where it still remain for many years to come. It is very rare that these materials are recycled and even if they are, you can probably only expect to see about 10-20% of it overall actually being re-used. Now think about how many homes are in the country and how many use asphalt shingles for their roof. All of these shingles have to go somewhere when they are done being used and they definitely aren’t going back into the ground.

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