Why I Began Loving Cedar

Looking back when I first began my journey with Cedar-Siding.com and the world of using cedar in general, I remember that main reason I was so intrigued was the fact that it is so much better for the environment than the more standard materials generally used. Now I don’t consider myself a hippie or anything, but I really do believe we are living in a critical time in history in regards to taking care of the Earth as much as we can.

We All Need To Pitch In

forestMany people out there (you might even be reading this right now) don’t believe in climate change or how much damage we are doing to our oceans and rain forests and I personally think they either don’t care, are┬ádelusional, or simply don’t want to believe it. Now I don’t have children myself, but if I did you better believe I would be all that more passionate about helping the environment because we truly are leaving them with a huge mess that they are going to have to clean up once our generation is gone.

Now I don’t think that the world would be saved if everyone chose to drive a hybrid or use cedar as an alternative building material, but if we all made little changes to our lives then the world would be in much better shape. Little things like these are what I am referring to. I don’t want everyone out there to completely change their everyday lives, but these simple changes can go a long way.

Now that I got that out of the way I can actually start talking about cedar next.

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